From September 2016:

We charge per hour, with our sessions totalling two three hour sessions per day.  All children eligible for government funding will be charged for any hours exceeding their 15 hours  free entitlement.

  • The session rate for rising 4 year olds is £6 per hour.
  • The session rate for rising 3 year olds is £6.20 per hour.
  • Free Early Entitlement funding is available from the term after a child turns 3.
  • Feet funding is available for 2 year olds.
  • Are you available for Early Years Pupil Premium?  Please ask for relevant forms.
  • In order to protect the Pre-School against non-payment of parent/carer funded sessions a deposit of £75 is required.  This will be refunded when your child leaves Pre-School, subject to the required notice being received.
  • Parents/carers are requested to submit a £25 voluntary contribution, at time of registration, which will go towards the fundraising efforts of the Pre-school providing equipment, outings and special day activities.
  • Fees are issued within the first two weeks of each half term and should be paid within 10 days of invoice being issued.
  • We reserve the right to increase school charges with due notice given.
  • We require half a term’s notice of withdrawal of your child.