Our session times are:

Monday :                        Morning:- 9am - 12pm             Afternoon:- 12pm - 3pm

Tuesday :                        Morning:- 9am - 12pm             Afternoon:- 12pm - 3pm

 Wednesday :                  Morning:-  9am - 12pm            Afternoon:-  12pm - 3pm

Thursday :                      Morning:-  9am - 12pm            Afternoon:- 12pm - 3pm

Friday :                            Morning:-  9am - 12pm           Afternoon:- 12pm - 3pm


Children can join us when they have reached 2 years of age.  Children can attend between two and ten sessions spread over the whole week.  Our sessions are three hours long with a lunch setting between 12pm - 12.30pm.

When your child starts at Pre-School, it may be the first time he/she has left the family unit, so we make every effort to make this as easy as possible for you and your child.  Parents are welcome to stay for the first session, and you are welcome to stay at further sessions until your child is ready for you to leave (and you are happy to go).